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Quality ingredients matter



My name is Bethany and I live in the beautiful desert Southwest with my husband Vince and our four children. I am a straight shooter and I hope that will not put you off, but instead give you confidence that my products are straightforward; no bells,
​no whistles, just wholesomeness that I stand behind. Know that before I made the
products that I sell to you, I made them for my loved ones, trusting they made their lives better, cleaner and more enjoyable. 

I am and always have been a fragrance fanatic. Nothing makes me feel instantly happy and content as a wonderful aroma.  I head outside in the morning to check on my garden and plants, and I always crush at least one kind of herb in my fingers and press them to my nose.  Instant happiness!   

I was introduced to handmade soap in the late 1990’s by a ‘natural beauty’ named Kathy. She loved her craft, and she generously imparted her knowledge to me. 
I found my life’s hobby. I was completely hooked. I quickly tired of the lack of creativity and options available with melt-and-pour soap and I really had a desire to make my own from scratch, so I jumped in. I loved it!  I loved the endless options that were open to me in the way of extra special, natural, ingredients!  The kitchen became a chemistry lab. I was barely cleaning up my mess every night in time to get some supper on the table.

That’s when I moved my operations to the back sunroom. The soap has really evolved from those first days.  I started out with the most economical, locally available ingredients but quickly understood that to make really great soap, you cannot skimp on ingredients.  Quality ingredients matter, so I dumped the cheap oils like soybean, corn, Crisco and restaurant-sized containers of cheaper vegetable blends.  I now use olive, coconut, castor, unrefined shea butter from Ghana, bentonite and French green clay, herbs, teas, vitamins and botanicals. You won’t find any artificial colors, sulphates or detergents in my soap. 

Hundreds of soap batches later, I can truthfully say that my soap is the best soap I have ever made, using the best ingredients I can find.  I am always looking for ways to improve my products and I never change recipes just to make them cheaper to
produce.  The changes are always to increase the quality of the product.  ALWAYS.