Thymeless Bath & Oils



Essential Oil: Peppermint essential oil 

The exquisite aroma of tropical Gardenia with a top note sweet and green and a floral body intense and rich. 

A delicious herbal tea scent, delicately sweet with fruit notes.  Unique and wonderful! 

No. 3

Red Clover Tea

Fresh verbena notes with Meyer lemon and sweet orange. 

Verbena & Lemon  

An extremely juicy, juicy fragrance minus any vanilla or musky undertones. 


No. 1

No. 1

Thymeless soaps are full of fabulous oils and botanicals, as well as therapeutic clays, butters and natural colorants. We don’t use detergents or sulphates. The lather is FANTASTIC! Profuse and very creamy. It is so gentle and lusciously scented, you might be tempted to spend entirely too much time in the shower! This soap is safe to use anywhere and on anyone. 

Ingredients: 80% coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, purified water, sodium hydroxide (lye), unrefined shea butter, kaolin, bentonite, and French green clay, botanicals, and 100% natural colorants.

Essential Oil soaps are listed below by their number.
Essential Oils: Orange, Cinnamon, Clove, Peru Balsam 

No. 7

No. 8

Fresh Cut Rose

Essential Oils: Egyptian Rose Geranium blend 

No. 4

Essential Oils: Sandalwood, Clove 

No. 6

Essential Oils: Sweet Orange, Patchouli, 
​May Chang

Essential Oils: Lemongrass & Spearmint 

No. 2

Essential Oils: Lavender, Sweet Orange, 

No. 1

This blend of warm aromas of creamy oatmeal, farm-fresh milk and sweet honey is a bestseller 
​year round.
This marriage of honey and bitter almond essential oil is perfection.

Honey Almond

Pineapple Mango

A tropical blend of sweet pineapple and luscious mango touched with the delicate lotus flower. 



Lemon, vetiver and sandlewood.  

There are 180 different varieties of Honeysuckle on four continents, but its intoxicating fragrance will awaken your senses no matter where you encounter it.

Honeysuckle Rose Patchouli

An unusual, earthy blend of these two florals and Patchouli essential oil.  

Tropical Twist

A bright, delicious citrus blend. Luscious fruit concoction of grapefruit, tangerine, orange, kumquat and strawberry surrounded by sweet apple blossoms. 

Oatmeal Milk & Honey

Handmade Soap    4oz.                         $5.00