Thymeless Bath & Oils


Thymeless Bath products are AMAZING! I was first introduced to them while staying at Fawn Passage on a mini vacation with my husband. I think I cleared their entire inventory and only left a few bars (mostly out of guilt for not leaving enough for the next renter to purchase. Ha!) I have tried their handmade soaps, lotions, soy candles and room sprays and have never been let down. I can honestly say that every member of our family looks forward to shower time just to see which bar of soap mommy put in the shower this week! All of their products make great gifts and you can truly feel great about there being no harsh chemicals. I for one appreciate that the soaps leave you feeling clean, without residue and give an added aromatherapy session to every shower. I literally squee with joy whenever it’s time to reorder soaps and lotions. They have so many great scents to choose from that you can almost never go wrong!  -Lori Edwards                                                  

I love these soaps! The fragrances are lovely and last right down to the last sliver of the bar. The lather is also nice and creamy and the bars seem to last forever.  I will definitely purchase again.  Erica Smith



I spent many years trying all the different skin care lines that were generally complicated with multiple steps and they   were expensive. Then I began using Thymeless products about 10 years ago and I was hooked.  I can’t imagine using anything else.  The high quality ingredients combined with the wonderful scents make it a product that is worthy of loyalty.  -Becki  Smith



My whole life I have had dry skin.  I would try bar soaps and all they did was dry it out more.  I would try lotions and they felt like water.  I tried Thymeless soap and lotion and I was impressed.  It is so gentle that I use both soaps and lotions on my three-year-old. - Nicole Pulice


Thymeless products have been a blessing to me for several years now.  The first product I purchased was a sugar scrub that I absolutely loved during cold, dry weather.  The scent of the scrub was amazing and I decided to purchase a couple of lotions for my classroom at school for my students to enjoy.  This started visits to my room from other students and teachers in the building. The security guard even stopped by on a regular basis.  They all wanted to try the lotion because it smelled so nice and made everyone’s skin feel wonderful.  It was a huge hit!   I also have very much enjoyed Thymeless soaps.  As women, we all undergo hormonal changes that can cause unwanted breakouts.  I found that the soaps, especially the citrus scented ones, help to clear my skin when blemishes would arise.  I am a huge fan of Thymeless Bath and Oils.  Try them, you won’t be disappointed.​ -Shaleah Rose


I have been using Thymeless Bath products for several years, and in that time I have liked every product I have tried.  I especially enjoy the uniqueness of the Gardeners Soap as an “every day” cleanser.  The combination of essential oils and exfoliating ingredients leave my skin fresh and smooth.  I frequently use the soaps as gifts and am proud to share them with house guests. The packaging is elegant and beautiful and compliments the simplicity and pureness of the soap.  I won’t use any other soap to start my day, and I always look forward to Rosemary Peppermint Linen/Room spray in my office, and Lavender spray on my sheets at the day’s end.   -Kay Esquivel


I really like your new recipe, it's fantastic. The Blue Caribbean scent is so relaxing to me, also. Makes me feel like I'm at a beach. The lather is fantastic, it's creamy and bubbly, not drying at all.  -Fe Jones


I have been using Thymeless Bath & Oils products for about ten years, thanks to Beth my skin is no longer flaky and dry. I've used, at one time or other, most of the products.  I love them! And I highly  recommend them for everyone! I especially enjoy all the soaps and the candles.   -Pat Beggs


I absolutely LOVE my Thymeless Bath products, especially the Grapefruit Bergamot Sugar Scrub and Body Lotion. Being a mom of 3 little ones I hardly ever have time to pamper myself and that is why I love these products. They make me feel like I have personal spa in my own bathroom. The Sugar Scrub exfoliates and leaves my skin so smooth and moisturized and the body lotion is perfect for dry skin. The fact that everything is natural and homemade is a BIG bonus. I recommend all these products to everyone!​   -Shannon Balderas​


I am a candle person, therefore have tried many different brands, and these are right up there with some of the well-known, more expensive brands. I love how these candles make any room they are in smell GREAT. I also use the linen spray each time I change my bed sheets. It is so nice to crawl into bed with those wonderful scents.   -Debbie Herr


Thymeless Bath & Oils is a great investment for your family! In a world driven by unhealthy chemicals, Thymeless Bath & Oils is the best alternative. There is no need to worry of harmful chemicals because the products are eco-friendly, all-natural and CHEMICAL FREE! My favorite soap is Jamaica Me Crazy. Its scent makes you feel like you're away in an exclusive island with no care in the world. Not to mention, the soy candles are wonderful too! No matter the season, Thymeless Bath and Oils will have numerous scents to choose from. Whether its to brighten up your living room with a delicious scent or give an extra romantic touch for an evening with the Hubby, these products will not disappoint you! You will be missing out if you don't have your Thymeless Bath and Oil favorites.  ​-Rebecca Montoya

Thymeless Body and Bath products are amazing.  I have tried several of their products and I have never been disappointed!  I usually take a bottle of lotion to my classroom and my students enjoy that all year long.  Recently I purchased several different bars of soap and they are simply lovely.  They lather up so nice and thick and I don’t feel that I have a soap left behind like other soap bought products. If you have never tried Thymeless products, you are missing out on great products! 
-Shelley Lincoln